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  Shenzhen long railway electronic engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the long dragon company) was established in 1985.Is specialized in railway signal safety equipment research and development, production and manufacturing professional manufacturers.In Beijing, tianjin, shijiazhuang, taiyuan, datong, Hohhot, Harbin, kunming and other places set up offices and service centers.Company has the technical research and development, production, testing, office space, equipped with advanced, complete development, testing, production instruments and equipment, is specialized in research, production and processing, sales, maintenance of railway vehicle shunting signal equipment, raw material, supply and service as one of the high-tech enterprises.

  Shenzhen dragon company developed since 1993, manufacturing railway communication and signal equipment and production safety products.At present, there have been eight products and systems by Beijing railway administration and technical appraisal and review of the ministry of railways, seven products and systems for the ministry of railways issued by the foundation of railway transportation equipment manufacturing enterprise license.In 2000 won the shenzhen & issued by the other;High-tech enterprise certificate & throughout;, in 2010 to obtain ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, 2011 & other;National high and new technology enterprise & throughout;The certificate.Long dragon company has become national key support areas of high and new technology, and continuous research and development and transformation of technical achievements, forming enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, belong to the domestic advanced enterprises.

  Shenzhen dragon company currently has 10 national patents (5 invention, utility model) and 10, software, software copyright registration certificate.There are seven countries are in the process of to apply for a patent for invention declaration.2013 & other;Double soft enterprise certificate ”.

  In October 2014, shenzhen dragon company JT - type C (2000) devices for China railway locomotive signal on-board system inspection issued by the authentication center (CRCC) “The locomotive signal vehicle system hardware equipment”、“The locomotive signal on-board system software and system integration”The railway product certification certificate.

  Shenzhen long research and development of the company currently has a modern technical skills and railway line communication signal use and service for many years, vigorous, capable technical team, including both hardware and software (including system and embedded software), structure design, development, test, manufacturing, field application service & other;Development, manufacture and service throughout the &;One-stop high-tech technology system.Long dragon company management and technical team, production and field service team the main staff from Beijing railway station, taiyuan railway administration, railway colleges and local colleges and universities (north jiaotong university, Shanghai iron, southwest jiaotong university, changsha railway institute, college of hengyang railway and tianjin railway engineering institute, lanzhou railway institute, big, big nankai, wu3 da4, science and technology of China, into electricity, central China, etc.) of the management and technical backbone, has a wealth of field experience.

  Long dragon company independent research and development for many years, shenzhen railway safety production system and equipment needed to project, has for years been follow the principle of power-and-power union (including university-enterprise united), successively with huawei, zte, Beijing jiaotong university, nankai university, wuhan university, railway communication corporation science institute of communication, railway, railway the design institute, the ministry of railways and the railways, subways, companies and other units cooperation development and play their respective advantages and can GSM - R on-board CIR project successively, Vietnam bahn confidential facsimile communication signal reconstruction project, the local wireless network, railway rail locomotive GYK locomotive signal control equipment/decoding board, C3 system on-board GSM - R communication unit (LMDT equipment), railway trains, and remote security monitoring system and dispatching command transfer equipment, railway wireless LieDiao system of weak field compensation, railway locomotive signal on-board system equipment, railway signal monitoring system, metro shielding door portable detector, GSM - R dynamic monitoring system, GSM - R network tester, accelerated the beijing-tianjin high-speed rail S700K switch wireless monitoring system, the locomotive signal remote wireless monitoring system (LAIS), fiber optic cable identification device, CIR comprehensive diagnostic test equipment, mobile signal equipment fault recording devices such as multi-level cooperation and development, project and system to ensure the safety of railway line production has played a large role.

  At present, shenzhen dragon company railway signal system and the product has covered more than to the railway station (group company), the local railway company (group), railway private sidings (Beijing bureau, bureau of taiyuan, call draw bureau, shenyang bureau, bureau of kunming, guangzhou, Shanghai, nanchang, chengdu innings, lanzhou, zhengzhou, jinan innings, of ji-tong railway group co., LTD., god railway company, ShaWei railroads, daqin railway, dalian locomotive, tang Hong Kong railway company, datong locomotive plant, Beijing erqi locomotive plant, golden eagle rail depot, zhuzhou locomotive plant, from ziyang locomotive plant, QiShu suppress a locomotive plant, taiyuan railway depot, etc.), including the Hong Kong east rail company.

  Since 2011, the long dragon company in shenzhen and Beijing jiaotong university, zhongshan university, shenzhen university, guangzhou railway vocational and technical college, hengyang railway vocational and technical college and other institutions, successively on talent training, vocational training, new technology research and development project and other projects to cooperate.In June 2011, signed with the guangzhou railway vocational and technical college, the long dragon company headquarters in shenzhen to establish the urban rail traffic control training base of university-enterprise cooperation agreement.

  In July 2012 formally industry-university-institute cooperation agreement signed with Beijing jiaotong university, and officially listed in shenzhen dragon company production base in Beijing jiaotong university, the two sides in line with the principle of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development, and promote in talent training, social practice, project cooperation and academic exchange in-depth cooperation, to form industry, industry mutual promotion and common development, efforts to achieve & other;University-enterprise cooperation and win-win between production ”.