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  In 2016 will be the past, the bell of year XXXX is ringing, I represent the long dragon company management team to the company all staff and their families, said the most heartfelt thanks!To care for a year, support the development of the company leaders at all levels, new and old customers, suppliers, my sincere greetings to all friends from all walks of life!Wish you in the New Year, good health!The work is smooth!A happy family!All the best!

  Over the past year, is a memorable year!We inherit the wind and rain of a company strong reform together, have withstood the hard with the test.It is because of everyone's support and trust, unremitting efforts and selfless dedication, the long dragon company can keep the good situation of healthy, steady and sustainable development, gained fruitful results today, once again, compose a new chapter for the development of the company.

  For the first time this year, we are on the top design, adjust the structure of the total wages, performance appraisal, project scheme rewards, make the company more reasonable salary and reward mechanism, employee income sustained growth;

  This year, the company's every bid within Kenny amon railway locomotive signal equipment, long dragon brand for the first time go abroad, towards the world ;

  This year, the company's train alarm LBJ project for the first time China railway CRCC certification center certification, IRIS international railway industry standard for the first time through the annual audit, launched the SIL4 safety assessment work;

  This year, the company improve the workplace environment, improve the employees' benefits, at the same time there are eleven employees who made the shenzhen senior professional and technical titles;

  This year, we in the national railway communication signals under the condition of market continues to slump, and obtained the best performance, exceeded the board at the beginning of business objectives ......

  These achievements condensed the long dragon people's collective wisdom and hard sweat, also shows the long dragon spirit of innovation and fighting style, practice and progress of the company and the employee promise!

  In 2017, we will continue to be under much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning overall plan, carefully accomplish goals set by the board of directors of the company, to improve product quality, improve the innovation ability, improve enterprise comprehensive competitive power, to ensure that the three main products of the company are research and development at the same time actively promotes fiber fence and intelligent logistics platform in the market, will protect all equipment with high quality and finish.In addition, we will also speed up the pace of construction of company system, the quality, safety, service, efficiency, energy saving multiple links such as the implementation of comprehensive coordination and development.

  We are engaged in is the great cause of railway signal manufacturing company's blueprint is magnificent, our business is also good.At present, the company is in the phase of rising climbing, only persistence can win, fall by the wayside will accomplish nothing.As long as the company all staff unite as one to brainstorm with good opportunity to surmount the challenge, change line stood puzzles, progressive innovation, shenzhen dragon company and employee life tomorrow will be a year more than a year!

  I believe that in the coming New Year, the company all staff, as well as old and new users of the company, suppliers, cooperate with the friends from all walks of life will further, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder through double efforts, will create new shenzhen dragon!Create a harvest of 2017!

  Thank you all!