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Talent idea

Companies adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, adhere to the gold will shine with the concept, adhere to the merit, the best company. For every employee to provide a broad development platform, respect for talent, respect for creation, so that each employee has to show individual and team talent stage. The company focus on talent discovery and culture, improve personnel occupation planning, and actively introduce all kinds of effective external training courses and develop internal training system for talents, enhance the technical and operational level. We have a highly educated, high-quality, high standard talents, we have the courage to play a team spirit, work together to build a high-quality, high demand, high return railway enterprises.

Compensation and benefits


  • The company provides competitive salary, in addition to the fixed salary, also includes double salary, performance bonus, bonuses, bonuses and other types of project 6S wage tax wage bonus.
  • Entry is to buy five social insurance and one housing fund, including pension and health care, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance and housing provident fund.
  • Enjoy all kinds of holidays, vacations with paid annual leave, the Chinese New Year holiday, marriage leave, maternity leave and other benefits as prescribed by the state.
  • Enjoy all kinds of subsidies, subsidies, subsidies, only communication subsidies, subsidies and other holidays of all kinds of high temperature.
  • Regular medical examinations are provided every year to provide health support for employees.
  • Organize all kinds of collective activities regularly and irregularly.